Gaiqing Kong

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I am currently a postdoctoral research fellow funded by Fyssen Foundation fellowship, working with Prof. Alessandro Farnè and Dr. Marine Vernet at INSERM U1028 & CNRL (Centre de Neuroscience de Lyon), France. Before I worked with Prof. Pactrick Haggard at Institute of Cognitive Neuroscience, UCL, UK; with Prof Konrad Kording at Northwestern University and University of Pennsylvania, US. I obtained my PhD degree from Peking University in 2018 supervised by Prof. Kunlin Wei, China. CV


Pose estimates from online videos show that side-by-side walkers synchronize movement under naturalistic conditions
Claire Chambers, Gaiqing Kong, Kunlin Wei, Konrad Kording (Co-first author)

Plos One, 2019
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How does mixed reality affect quiet stance?
Kong, G.*, Zhou, Z., Wang, Q., Kording, K

bioRxiv (preprint),2017
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Credit assignment between body and object probed by an object transportation task
Kong, G.*, Zhou, Z., Wang, Q., Kording, K., & Wei, K.

Scientific reports,2017
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Sensorimotor experience in virtual reality enhances sense of agency associated with an avatar
Kong, G.*, He, K., & Wei, K

Consciousness and Cognition,2017
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Computer use changes generalization of movement learning.
Wei, K., Yan, X., Kong, G.*, Yin, C., Zhang, F., Wang, Q

Current Biology,2014
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Comparative assessment of surgeons’ task performance and surgical ergonomics associated with conventional and modified flank positions: a simulation study.
Fan, Y., Kong, G.*, Meng, Y., Tan, S., Wei, K., Zhang, Q., & Jin, J. (Co-first author)

Surgical endoscopy,2014
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